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March 12, 2011

My name is SUMMER

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If you’ve watched the movie 5OO DAYS OF SUMMER you might probably knew that the story revolved around a guy and a girl named SUMMER. From the movie title, itself, they both had a ‘no label’ relationship that lasted for 500 days.

What I just experienced was an ultimate EPIC FAIL. It didn’t even last for 5oo days. Maybe I was just too blown away with this 5OO DAYS OF SUMMER movie, locked myself down as the girl named Summer, and eventually got into messing around.

Almost a year ago, his more-than-a-year relationship (with a girl) ended. The break-up just made him even worse. He lost a grasp of reality. From then on, he was not able to pick up the pieces of his broken heart ( i am no sentimentality, i find this line just the perfect way of saying how helpless he was ). He let life give him a piece of shit roads (my bad!), for all those days he tried to deal with, he always went home a loser. I didn’t know what popped into his mind, that he started to get in touch with me. I mean, like, he started reaching me out in all ‘modern’ ways possible : sms, phone calls, Facebook, and the everyday meetings with him ( i just can’t get rid of it, he used to be an always-absent teacher and would just leave us with seat works). So we’ve known each other for more than 3 years already. I spend 10 months every year with him. I get to see him almost everyday except summer and mid-year breaks. His ex-girlfriend used to be really close to me. I know the dirty little things he did in the relationships he have had. I’ve always looked up to him as a teacher and person. He’s supposed to be finishing his Doctorate’s degree in Mathematics but his love for his girl was just impossible (like c’mon, ruining your doctorate’s degree scholarship just for that? that’s bullshit!).

His ex-girlfriend, before leaving to study not-so-far-away, gave me an advice : “Never get involved with him, not because I don’t want you for him but because he wouldn’t do any good to you. I’ve experienced how it is to be with him, I care for you so just please believe me.” So I got my mind and my heart set for that. I won’t let myself get any inch closer to him. It’s already enough for me to be his student. Not until the first month of 2011. I HAD A CHANGE OF MIND (and a change of heart?). I felt like a sloth. I didn’t know what happened to myself that I got involved with him, too much involved with him (i have no control of what you might be thinking about me now, all those dirty little things but hey! I’m still a virgin (LOL) but, i mean seriously ). I WAS NOT ABLE to follow his ex-girlfriend and my close friend’s advice.

I’m a play girl. I never get into serious relationships. I just love playing around. I did the same thing to him. I did not expect that he’d take things from me seriously. Although I warned him about my playful being, he still pursued me. I couldn’t do anything with that, not anymore.

I was starting to learn loving him when he also had his CHANGE OF heart or mind (whichever really did change!). I can’t blame him for doing that. I had been too hard to him. I had to let him go. Did he just dump me? Of course not. It was all just shortly made. If he really loved me, well, thank you. He still loves his ex-girlfriend. I have been telling him that things could still be worked out with his ex-girlfriend because I know that they still love each other. What they had was just a conflict in small things. Things can always be worked out. That’s how I see things. Yes, he’s my teacher. I’m a Mathematics Major. I’d be studying more Mathematics Courses with him next school year, that’s expected. I have no worries in mind. This is who I am. I easily forget things, dump people and recover. As I always say : Never play with me, because I can play better.

The movie was just so unrealistic, therefore (just a personal opinion folks!). Ours just lasted for like almost 100 days. But nonetheless, I say, I AM SUMMER.


By the way: WE’RE STILL INTO IT. This might reach 500 days. haha


September 12, 2010

7th kind of wisdom : Fr. Dan McNamara has it

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There are various descriptions of Wisdom that are presented but what I chose is the seventh one: Wisdom as Living in terms of the Religious Dimensions. It is true that there are many existing religions throughout the world. These religions present their own wisdom and encourage as living with that wisdom. The wisdom they have seems to have the profound truths of what and how it is to live. Despite of the differences, all of these religions have a common denominator: the supreme importance given to God.  All of these religions proclaim that everything is dependent upon a supreme being, a god. “Each human person is someone who comes from God who is returning to God.” This type of wisdom tells us that to be wise is to recognize “God-dimension” – in both the world and one’s particular life. One who is wise sees God in all things. To do things for the Greater Glory of God can be perceived as true wisdom.  One who is wise responds to God constantly in his daily life and actually live as a child of God.

I see this type of wisdom in Fr. Daniel McNamara, SJ. Fr. Dan is an “astro geophysicist”.  Fr. Dan was once a teacher of Religion and Physics in Ateneo de Manila. At present, he is the rector for the Jesuit Community in Ateneo de Davao University, the current Associate Director for Research of the Manila Observatory and also has teaching loads in Natural Sciences here in Ateneo. Yet it is quite obvious that Fr. Dan is an astronomer and a priest. Though Fr. Dan has his life full of sciences, he still has God. Isn’t it amazing how Fr. Dan seems to live in two different worlds – a world of science and a world of religion? He is a person who studies physics, astronomy, and all sorts of sciences. True, science is always detached from religion, yet Fr. Dan (and for all other Jesuits) still believes that he can find God even in the world of sciences.  Fr. Dan could have lost his faith in God upon being able to study practical concepts about the world.  He could have put into contrary the religious beliefs about God and the things he learned from physics and astronomy. He could have eradicated God in his life since he already know a lot of things and could already explain high matters about the world. But NO, he showed us that living with and for God in two different worlds is always possible. Fr. Dan has concretely proved to us that he may have a “particular life” but he recognizes a “God-dimension”.

Fr. Dan was my teacher in one of my major subjects last semester. And I can say that Fr. Dan inspired me so much. I am inspired with the way he lives his life. He has never lost wonder and anxiety. Being once his student, I have seen the way how Fr. Dan uses scientific knowledge to show God’s greatness. Every time I see Fr. Dan, I see humility. Humility in a sense that Fr. Dan recognizes that the knowledge he has gained all came from God. Indeed, he is a person who, despite of all the factual knowledge he has, believes in God. Fr. Dan has not used his high mental capacity and all sorts of scientific truths he knew to explain the existence of the world and the universe, hence, neglecting God as the Supreme Being. However, this type of wisdom might not only be present in Fr. Dan’s life but also in all other Jesuit priests. I noticed how they live both in pure sciences and religion. These persons somehow show us that to deal with sciences does not lead one to questioning God’s existence. Not to mention, Stephen Hawking, a theoretical physicist, recently claimed in his new book entitled The Grand Design that “God is not needed to create the Universe”. With this type of wisdom, I came up of a deeper understanding of what it is to be wise. In this world, we own nothing. What I may have belongs to God for me, myself, belong to Him. Furthermore, recognizing the “God-dimension” will enable me to see the nothingness of my being if I don’t have God in my life, hence, will make me a humble person. Like Fr. Dan, I should not be boastful because what I possess is not my property. Thus, to recognize the “God-dimension” in spite of the rush hours we encounter, the busy schedules we have, and all the distractions this life offers, is a great challenge for every human being.

April 7, 2010

vice ganda

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I became fond of watching Showtime because of vice ganda’s jokes and ‘pang-ookrays’. Just this monday, April 5, he celebrated his birthday on the show. And so he performed in the show’s segment ‘Magpasikat’.

before he started performing, he said this (not the exact words but the thought goes like this) : ” matagal kong pinag-isipan kung ano ang ipe-perform ko dito. inisip ko na gayahin ko si lady gaga o mag ala-beyonce pero naisip ko maari ko namang gawin yun sa ibang okasyon. Bakit di ko na lang bigyan ng pugay ang aking ina nag luwal sa akin”.

Upon hearing this from a comedian who never forgets to make a lot of people laugh made me shocked. He has this side that’s so emotional.

After saying those words, vice ganda started his bitrhday performance. He sang “ikaw lang ang mamahalin’ with tears. It was such a very touching performance. I must admit, his performance really made me cry. People on the show even the hosts also cried. Maybe because it’s quite unusual for a vice ganda crying  and getting emotional.

Having seen that,  I realized that comedians behind their jokes and laughs have so much heavy emotions inside them.

Yes they make us laugh really hard but they are also human beings, they have feelings. They do cry, cry really hard.

April 2, 2010

canibad: a perfect getaway

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For 5 days I tried to organize an outing. By all means, I contacted a lot of friends to come with me and maybe somehow help me in looking for the perfect place to spend a day. Luckily, one very good friend of mine responded and personally tagged me on pictures of 3 possible destinations. not thinking too much, I chose a place named canibad. Canibad beaches were just too attractive on the pictures that you would really want to get there , feel the soothing waters. Having set the destination, I started searching for blogs that would help us get there. I did Google. Thanks to that one blog, I got a lot of info’s about the place and how to get there.

We decided to go there on a Holy Thursday. Wednesday,  me and my sister grabbed some groceries for the food we would bring there.

3 friends confirmed that they would be coming plus me and my sister.

We agreed to meet at a convenience store @ 5 am. (too early indeed)

From the convenience store we went straight to the public market and bought fish for the ‘kinilaw’. We then hurried to Sta. Ana Wharf and waited for the Island tour bus that would bring us to Samal Island via barge. It took approximately 15 min. for the barge to reach Samal. Having reached Samal, we dropped off from the Bus when it stopped over at the Babak Central Warehouse ( and I thought it was also the Babak terminal ).  We didn’t have a hard time looking for our next ride (habal-habal) for once we jumped off, motorcycle drivers hurriedly gathered around us and asked for our destination. So we said, CANIBAD.

they charged us P 60.00 / head. Since I was riding the habal-habal alone, I paid P 120.00. It was a long nature trip. Riding on a habal-habal was not easy at all for the road was rough. It was rocky and bumpy. After 30 minutes of a ride, we finally reached our Destination but not that yet for we still have to walk down, maybe a 10-min trail.

We finally got to the beach side. I tell you, the water was really tempting, crystal clear and the air was just so fresh. A very quite place it was that I felt serenity within me.

A perfect place that we didn’t miss to take pictures, a LOT of pictures. There was this rocky part of the Canibad beach. Before we could ‘enter’ there we did pay P 10.00 each. The amount we paid was just nothing for that rocky side was so much beautiful that the stress we got from the travel time was washed out.

5 pm we decided to leave. Again, we rode in a ‘habal-habal’. Not much lucky this time for the rain caught us. But still thankful coz’ we reached the barge pier safe ( but all wet ). * paid the ‘habal-habal’ P 150.00 / head for they brought us directly to the pier. So we did ride on the barge  having paid P 10.00 each. Once we got off, we ate our dinner @ McDonalds Damosa before going home.

I reached home with my mind still full of Canibad memories. I did not manage to do my suppose-to-do stuff ( facebook, twitter, and blog my canibad trip ) for muscle pains knocked me off.

whew! I just can’t get over with it. It was a perfect getaway. A secret paradise. A very long trip for people to see and experience it but I was able to get there.

Having that such a wonderful experience, I asked myself: Why not make this life a bit more adventurous?

If doing it will let me see more beautiful nature offers then it would be a very big YES from me.

February 27, 2010


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Our nstp teacher dismissed us minutes earlier and so i stayed in the room to avail the ‘wifi’. Two boys came and asked me if they could practice for their PE night performance (huh? as if i really care). And so a bunch of people began entering the room with lots of things (hair iron, costumes, radio, etc.). so the room became noisy . songs were playing and of course they were practicing. (wasn’t it cramming? the PE night was about to start in an hour).  unfortunately for them, the guard interrupted their practice and preparations, the guard said: ‘bawal na mag-practice’.


that’s how my moment with F400 ended. 😀

February 11, 2010

keep on Hearing

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“DOTA ta bai!”

“Shotting ta bai!”

“Laag ta bai!”

No! I don’t say those words. I just heard it when I was walking home.

Ladies and gentlemen, the youth of today is facing a lot of moral issues and we are alarmed, aren’t we?

The youth is facing a lot of issues and concerns that cause some to act and some to rest on apathy. When I say the youth, I mean us.

When we left the 1900’s, a thing called “sex” suddenly arose. Indeed, it stirred up the young generation’s curiosity; they did the experiment that we now call as “premarital sex”. When we ask, what is premarital sex? Some would immediately answer: “it is sex before marriage”. And who are the stars? The youth of course! Yeah! That’s what they think the youth are, stars in a series called “love making of the underage”. We know for a fact that this is really a sensitive issue but if we don’t want to talk about it then who else would? Not the elders, not the kids, but us. Talking about it is not really impossible just like doing it. With the aggressiveness of the youth today, premarital sex would not be that hard to do. Not to mention, the existence of disco bars that make the youth more attracted to drinking, partying and later on losing their sense of control. Because of premarital sex, many of us have been forced to stop studying, to abort babies and to deal with “living-in” setting. Through the years, this issue has not waned but has instead trapped and imprisoned more youth to shame and immorality.

The rise of computer games and the internet have also captured the youth’s attention. As a matter of fact, there are around 20 internet shops surrounding the Ateneo-Jacinto campus. Isn’t that enough to accommodate every atenean who prefers to play Farmville, DOTA and whatever there is in the internet than to study and to do school works? Of course, I’m not denying that I also enjoy these things but the internet has become the dumpsite of sex scandals that have corrupted young minds and the computer games promote violence and made the youth addicted to it.

This year we will elect a new president. Are we ready for this? Or are we still in this mode of apathy? Yes, we have been labelled as apathetic. I do have friends and know some people of my age who always go to streets, express their views and make themselves involved in things. But majority of the youth, where are we? Honestly, we are just here, listening and just listening. I’m not only referring to you but to myself as well, let me inform you. I was sent to good schools but I was not able to reconcile my learning to the realities. How about you? We will soon grow old and the next generation will follow, that’s the cycle we know. We have been quiet for long, let’s speak up! We know something and that’s what leaders don’t know. They need to hear us. We need to tell them. We are the future generation so we must be the epitome of change and not of apathy. People keep on saying that change is the only constant thing in this world so why not change? I know we can. We know we can. I know those issues I’ve mentioned earlier; premarital sex, rise of computer games and the internet, they won’t go away. Those things will just evolve and stories will keep on repeating. But us, youth, we will be gone but before that happens we need to prove something. We need to wake up for it’s not too late to act. Stand up and not just say: “DOTA ta bai!”, “Shotting ta bai!”, “Laag ta bai!”.

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